Coding, Film, YouTube, Maker, UX, Design & Digital Marketing Classes

Learn life changing skills that bring dreams to life. We teach real coding languages and real-life design to all ages. We offer classes and workshops in: coding, user experience design, product design and how to bring ideas to life. Learn in person or online. Learning paths and coaching are defined by age group and goal.

Coding, Film, UX/Design & Marketing Tracks

Learn the Strategies that create BIG RESULTS. Tracks for all ages and skill levels. Learn to create products, monetize ideas, entrpreneurship, infoproducts, games, apps, movies,  and how to design and market your ideas.

Coaching and mentoring for success

We offer coaching and mentoring to help you learn, craft a plan, execute and drive results. Let us help you accelerate success today. Gain real coding, design and marketing experience.

Learn UX Design, Coding and Marketing

Strategy, UX, Design, Coding, Funnel Creation & Digital Marketing

Create your own! Course Hero: Course from scratch

Learn the 5 Simple Strategies to create your own course and bring your dream to life!